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Postcard mailers went out two weeks ago and I'd like to thank all who have stopped by the website for a quick look-see and 'hello'!

As all y'all go about your planning and training please look for our ad in "CAMP" Magazine's training issue this up-coming week. We can't wait to share with you all the wonderful messages God has given!
Blessings!                                                                                 4/25/12

​It was trip that took you everywhere and nowhere in particular. A few notes and you were on the dance floor. A few more and you were in your first car picking up friends for a trip to the beach. And at the end of the week, after you dropped ‘school’ at the front door you cranked up a favorite song and headed out for hamburgers and a Friday night cruise on the boulevard. Your ears connected to your hearts-call all in one simple riff. Bet you can relate. Whatever language we speak or slang we use or dialect we choose, music is the same across the board. Music moves us with its own beat and rhythm. It has its own style and expression and no matter the message, music speaks. It connects. It directs. It soothes. We share the deepest parts of our soul when we join together in song. Music is a universal conversation that charges our emotions with notes and harmony and divine sound. This soul-language offers us the mystery and wonder that keeps us talking, singing, and relating to something greater than ourselves. Dust off that guitar, crank up the radio or an old record player, or plug the Ipod into some speakers and get going. Music, like the sea, is calling!


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