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The Wonder of Quilting

by Sharilyn Ross on 08/02/11

You are probably thinking "Why is quilting worth wondering about?"

Well, didn't you ever wonder how a quilt was made: construction, design, fabrics, who was the person who chose to make something so detailed and then leave it behind for generations to find later? I wondered about all those things.

This morning I was visiting one of my favorite blogs ( and it got me thinking about these very things. You see, I just needed a little reminder of my roots today and my roots in quilting go way back. My Grandmother Collins got me hooked on quilting when I was 9 years old and I've been fascinated by it ever since. Taking a pile of nothing-much-going-on fabrics and watching it form into something beautiful and useful does make ones wonder meter go up.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with camping? Quilting just seems organic and so is the nature we walk in. God took nothing but dust and made it into something beautiful like earth and people. So, I got the bright idea 30 years ago to have my campers design and construct a quilt. When we were done I hung it up over the mess hall fireplace.

In more recent years, I asked my Family Campers to repeat the process and the results were, well, wonder-ful and have been allowing campers to "wonder" about them ever since. They hang beautifully in our Bishop Lodge as a reminder that other people and talents and nothings and somethings came before. Just like me, and my grandma, and my dad - who used to love to sit and listen to the quilting bitties as they worked on their quilts in my grandmothers living room.

Make a quilt with your campers today. All it takes is plain muslin squares, permanent markers for designing, a little imagination and some thread and needles. Easy-peasie. Happy camping (and happy quilting!)

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