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by Sharilyn Ross on 05/12/11

I soooo enjoy Facebook – mostly because I get great pleasure from staying connected to people I know and love – but also because I find some interesting things within it’s features that make me think and ultimately make me wonder. And you all know how much I love to wonder about, oh, just any old thing. The photo below was taken by a friend of my friend Becky and it was just too, well, amazing (because it really is!) not to share with my readers. It's like the creek bed left a little gift in the water at the very moment Becky’s friend would be walking by. Was this a cosmic coincidence? Possibly. But I like to think that it was God’s way of getting the full attention of a child-at-heart wanderer who needed a bit of a reminder. God gives His gifts in abundance through nature. He is incredibly generous with the gift of Himself. These awesome treasures in God’s good ground are the gifts that keep on giving all through the course and currents of time. It might look like a wet rock to some but to me, it is the imprint of God’s heart in a world that is thirsting for Him.

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